To Save a Life

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  1. Harry Maryles says:

    One reason we have no heroes today is because journalists are always there to pick apart their most minor flaw, real or imagined, so that we don’t admire those people and their self-sacrifice quite so much. With this sort of focus, the Washington Post does the Sharps—and all of us—a disservice.

    This is exactly right. There have been many examples of people who might otherwise have been considered heroes who were knocked off their pedastals by the obssesive “witch hunts” that currently masquerades as investigative journalism.

    Most recently former Illinois Govorner George Ryan who has been nominated by many for the Nobel Peace Prize was convicted on multiple counts of racketeering conspiracy, mail fraud and other offenses involving his actions while secretary of state from 1991 to 1999.

    What did he do? As part of a fundrasing effort some of his underlings decided to do raise money illegally. I am not excusing that, but this was business as usual for most politicians in office. And would probably have gone unnoticed as it has in the past. But the over-zealous media was relentless in finding dirt on him and his politcal opponents were right there with them encouarging then along the way.

    The same thing is true of Bill Clinton. His immoral activities were no worse than one of the icons of the 20the century, JFK, who is still considered a hero to this day by his many fans. But back in those days reporters looked the other way on what they considered private indescretions.

    In my view the current mercenary approach of the media WRT bringing down public figures serves no good purpose and discouarges good people from public service.

    One may no like Bill Clinton, and one may disagree with his politics or his efforts trying to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians. But he was a good, albeit flawed, man with a good heart who loved the Jewsih people and tried his best for them. That he is so villified now while JFK is still a hero is the sad result of how the media works now.

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