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3 Responses

  1. mycroft says:

    Television reviews by Rabbi Menken. If I were to be watching TV I would watch the show tonight.

  2. Jewish Observer says:

    Did anyone watch this? I would love to see footage of Rav Hutner…

  3. Toby Katz says:

    I remember that when the NY Times published a list of the hostages, they deliberately misspelled R’ Hutner’s name as “Hunter.” The whole Torah world was shaken as the knowledge spread by word of mouth, “Rav Hutner was on that one of those planes!” His daughter, the famous R’n Bruriah David, was also one of the hostages, along with her husband. The Arab hijackers never knew — until after the hostages were released — who they had. Had they known, one shudders to think what might have happened

    One wonders if, today, the NY Times would be as cooperative in hiding important news in order to save a life.

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