By special request

The following is posted by special request, and is most relevant to those in NY, NJ, PA, DE and MD:

Dear Rabbonim,

I am involved in a Tzedaka organization, Kesser Kavod, based in Lakewood, that gives hairpieces to men and boys that need them because of side effects of medical treatment (lo Aleynu). They have organized a ladies spa as a major fundraiser each year for the past three years. It raises money for them and gives a relaxing break to the mommies, to continue their work. This year, however, registration has been lower than expected.

Could you please help us to publicize this important project? Each woman will receive personal attention, and with your help we will be able to support the organization rather than having them incur a loss.

Those who choose can also come for the shiur only (at 8 pm nightly) for $18, or the shiur plus the dinner following for $50. They can call 908-907-2828 for questions or to register — advance registration is required.

Thank you,

Chaya Reich


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