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3 Responses

  1. Menachem Petrushka says:

    Dear Rabbi Menken

    I am a cynical letz by nature.

    I used to work in the TV industry. Four times a year Nielsen carried out very detailed and
    thorough analysis of the TV audience both national and local. In those sweep months, the
    networks pulled out all the stops to draw viewers to their programming. Only new shows and
    specials and hyped miniseries were aired.

    In the past, I have found Cross-Currents to be relatively non-controversial by blog standards,
    even Orthodox ones. Then this week Jpost.Com starts running a contest to see which is the best
    Jewish Religion blog. (BTW I voted for Cross-Cuurents) and all of a sudden all “bleep” breaks
    loose with the FFB vs BT discussion.

    I wonder.

    Menachem Petrushka

  2. Yaakov Menken says:


    You’re on to us. Rabbi Adlerstein and I crafted this weeks in advance. B”H the Jack Abramoff story gave us the necessary pretense, scant as it was, to get the fur to fly.


    Yaakov Menken

    P.S. Tookie was a more robust debate, and I think the Intelligent Design stuff got more attention. I assure you that the opinions you see here are real. The participants are not actors.

    For extra credit, to which TV show did I just allude?

  3. Menachem Petrushka says:

    Dear Rabbi Menken

    I will never admit to having a TV at home or watching it. After all, it is TVless Teves. At NBC where I worked, the person in charge of Saturday Morning Kiddy Shows was a religious Jew. He never watched the shows that he
    was responsile for on TV.


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