Must the Law Be Consistent?

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1 Response

  1. Hanan says:

    “Perhaps consistency is not something the law should aim at. Perhaps law doesn’t have to make sense, as long as it does the job!”

    I think the goal is to try to be consistent. Saying that it doesen’t need to make sense as long as it does the job is no excuse ( I know your not necassarily saying that). The law will always do its job no matter what. The problem is, what kind of job is it doing. But honestly, can we blame laws from not being consistent. These are man made laws. Man is filled with inconsistencies. We are subject to emotions and our own personal agendas and that reflects in the laws we pass. In general, people in their hearts, will agree that tanning and an abortion both deal with our bodies, but when it comes to doing something about the law… wow… hey, you just set back “the womens movement”(=agenda) 50 years back. Its sad, but WE are the ones being inconsistent.

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