Comments III

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2 Responses

  1. Simple objective guidelines would be most welcome (you could put them in the section that begins, “Comments are sent…”), along the lines that reasoned argument will be posted, loshon harah / ad hominem stuff won’t get posted, etc. That way the moderation will feel less arbitrary.

  2. Greg says:

    Authors commenting in the comments of posts is often a good thing. Think of it like this: each post has its own, globally unique URL. That becomes the permanent link to that conversation. It’s a more coherent collection of the thoughts and ideas surrounding a discussion if everything gels around a single page. If an author wants to post their own thoghts in a seperate post, you might want to look into using Trackback to connect the thouhgts into the comments stream of the original post.

    I’m fascinated with the whole internal struggle you are going through with comments/no comments. I’ve composed two seperate draft entries either criticising or complementing your decisions, put before I can post it, your policy changes! (to sum up – I’m pro-comments, pro-censorship of blatant inappropriate lashon hara as deemed such by the author, and feel you needn’t debate each argument ad naseum ad infinitum; it’s OK not to get the last word in).

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