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Prof. Mark Steiner, z”l

One of the gems lost to Klal Yisrael during this plague was Prof. Mark Steiner, who was niftar yesterday. The first notices and appreciations focused on his important contributions to the philosophy of mathematics...

Locusts, the Holocaust and Today

The 17-year locusts, as many call them, won’t be singing their deafening song this spring on the East Coast. The particular brood (there are several) that we easterners are familiar with, though, is expected...


The Mashgiach on Solitude

by Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky We are experiencing an unprecedented disruption of the normal functioning of the entire world. Many people have tried to explain the message Hashem is sending us, encouraging us to be...

Thank You

To all the selfless doctors, nurses and hospital workers who have been working tirelessly and heroically throughout the current crisis… To all the government officials, police, fire fighters, emergency personnel, mail carriers, sanitation workers...

Got Mitzvos?

Got Mitzvos? We’ve done our best to find substitutes, to whatever extent possible, for our routines of davening and learning. Leyl seder, though, is going to be a hard one. We’re resigned to a...


All Shabbos, All the Time

This crisis gives us Shabbat all week long. We are home, with our spouses, our children. We spend time trying to work remotely but then we have to get back to real work… We have to deal with our family.

Different Hopes For Different Folks

“Number one…” presidential hopeful Joe Biden Jr. said at his March 15 debate with equally hopeful (though less entitled to be so) Senator Bernie Sanders, “if I’m elected president and have an opportunity to...

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