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Righteous Gentiles

Righteous Gentiles The following is an except from a letter I received from a gentleman in Canada. What is a Noachide allowed to study? I have heard about three answers to this question. I...


Richuk Karovim II

My posting on the Slifkin matter has generated thoughtful comments that raise significant questions. I would like to elaborate on what I wrote previously and also indicate that a somewhat extended discussion of my...


On Ethics and Blogging

Although I am neither a lawyer nor a journalist, I’ve worked pretty extensively in and around the worlds of lawyering and journalism. A common element to both fields is the existence of specialized rules...


“Real” Jews?

Sholom Simon argues: When some guy tries to insult another guy, he might say, “youre not a real man.” News flash: he is not speaking in strictly biological terms. When we answer a Reform...


Blogging and Loshon Hora (Gossip)

The Jewish Times article (dicussed below) talks about our blog and the perceived media bias against observant Jewry, but also talks about the inherent conflict between journalism and Judaism. It is difficult to be...


Justifying Murder

My friend, Rabbi Avrohom Cohen, editor of the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society which I publish as president of the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School, has said to me often about our fellow Orthodox,...



Last week, under the title Conversions and Hebrew Names, I posted an edited selection from my archive of correspondence with my readers, in which I presented the remarks of one correspondent and invited comment....

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