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Human Uniqueness

In the course of a public roundtable discussion about immigration and crime, a few days before Shavuos, President Trump made a comment that provoked some outrage. “You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are,”...

Gentlemen, Sling Your Mud!

Winston Churchill famously cited the sentiment that “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” Indeed, while majority rule might in...


Dismantling the Palestinian Lie

In a recent, now infamous, speech PA President Mahmoud Abbas turned his attention to history’s favorite target: the Jews. This is no surprise, as the very name “Palestine” has always served to dissociate the Jews from their homeland.


Is Rabbi Riskin Ordaining Female Rabbis?

(This article originally appeared in the Jewish Press.) Last Wednesday, May 16, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin conferred the titles of “Morot Hora’ah U’Manhigot Ruchaniyot” – “Halachic Authorities and Spiritual Leaders” – upon three women, who...

Checking Out… and Checking In

Dr. David Goodall is no longer with us. The 104-year-old scientist travelled to Switzerland from his home in Australia last week, weary of life and in a wheelchair, but not otherwise disabled or seriously...


Faith, the Final Frontier

by Brian Keating As a professor of astrophysics, you might be shocked to learn I don’t believe in the law of gravity. I don’t believe in black holes either. I don’t even believe that...

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