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Mr. Berman’s Bubby

“An ugly chapter in voter suppression is finally closing,” declared Dale Ho, director of the A.C.L.U.’s Voting Rights Project. He was referring to the U.S. Supreme Court’s declining last week to judge a North...


The Changing Mind of Modern Orthodoxy?

Dr. Marc Shapiro’s new article Is Modern Orthodoxy Moving Towards an Acceptance of Biblical Criticism is the subject of much online discussion. In this article, Dr. Shapiro demonstrates that Orthodox rabbis are increasingly embracing various facets...

POTUS and the Piñata

“Fire this ignorant teacher for inciting violence against our POTUS,” read one of the many overheated comments to l’affaire piñata (forgive the language cholent). “More indoctrination from the filthy left,” contended another commenter. On...


Will Haredim Soon Sing Hatikvah?

I didn’t think so either, at least not till the news broke that the official national anthem of the State of Israel will not be sung at a departmental graduation ceremony at Hebrew University....


Am I a Lonely Woman of Faith?

The Orthodox Union issued the most pro-women, halachically permissive statement ever. The secular Jewish press created their own narrative without looking at the context and the trajectory of the living and breathing Orthodox community. This is lazy journalism.

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