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4 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    We’ve totally lost the ability to conceal our shortcomings from outsiders, so the idea some people have that concealment is possible has become baseless. This makes the actual correction of problems all the more urgent. The status quo in our exile is less stable than many admit.

    You want to fix things, which I, as an engineer, admire! You never do it to posture.

  2. Yossi says:

    Rabbi Alderstein,

    We’re with you on this one. Well said.

  3. Karen Heckert says:

    At last some people are able to summon up the courage to say what needs to be said. Over the last few decades (starting approximately when talk radio became popular) I have witnessed the steady deterioration of sensible and civil political discussion. I have now established a firm rule with my friends that I do not discuss politics on Shabbos, because the discussion almost invariably leads to the expression of opinions which are more suited to an Evangelical non-Jew than to a Torah Yid. The uncritical support of policies which are directly counter to Torah values is one more facet of this trend.

    As for exposing our shortcomings to the world, I was peripherally involved in the 80s in the first efforts to deal with physical abuse in the frum community and saw how the reluctance to address the issue cost us broken lives and the first wave of OTD young people.

  4. Michael Halberstam says:

    I think when it comes to this issue we are once again looking at this from a backwards point of view. It is a fundamental rule of behavior that human beings will do whatever they can to make themselves appear right, at least to themselves. We oppose discussion of flaws in our community because we want to believe that we have to be right, and we are running out of places to hide. Leadership opposes disclosure because it points out the failure of leaders to lead.
    In short, opposition to openness is the strongest indication of out failure as a community to deal with problems in a constructive way. And as we well know, the best answer for an unanswerable question is to fall back on frumkeit

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