The Orthodox Union isolates the final four

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18 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    Excellent article! The OU in allowing sych shuls the availability of NCSY and uts varies programs understands that where Jewish adolescents spend most of their time in yeshivos and summer programs that show that one learns in yeshiva has real application to life aee the key as opposed to either OOs halachaless Judaism or where one davens.

  2. Excellent and about time.
    Now, will the OU next turn its attention to congregations that give membership and kibudim to men convicted of paedophilia, spousal assault and theft?

    • Chochom B'mah Nishtaneh says:

      There is no congruence between the two. There is no Orthodox Shul formed for the specific purpose of promoting peadophilia (I can’t speak for OO, though) or spousal abuse ETC. Nor do any proclaim it proudly.

      Nor is there any greater preponderance of any such sins among members at Orthodox shuls than there are in the membership at OO temples

      However the OO temples proudly proclaim their infidelities. And wish Mazel tov to members who proudly proclaim their dismissal of Torah adherence.

    • Bob Miller says:

      If you know of any, tell the OU to investigate. Have you done that yet? If not, why not?

  3. Reb Yid says:

    I have been a member of two of these fine shuls when I resided in their communities.

    These shuls serve a crucial need for open minded halachic Jews who seek an inclusive non judgemental setting. Not surprisingly they continue to thrive and grow. Their Ravs are complete mensches. You can be a Hard right Republican or dress in khakis or send your kid to a Conservative Jewish day school or whatever. Each individual is embraced. Most importantly diversity (as exemplified by its diverse membership) is seen as a blessing which enhances the shul and indeed the practice and observance of Judaism in the community.

    I certainly would not want to be a member of your Orthodox congregation but there are different types of Orthodox shuls that come in all shapes and sizes.

    What does the OU do for shuls anyways? And who indeed are they to decide?

    • Steve Brizel says:

      The bottom line will be who joins leaves and refrains from davening at the four shuls in question. It is a matter of voting with ones head heart and feet especially when we see OO clergy and their allies legitimizing Gerim “Las Vegas Style” whose Kabalas Ol Mitvos would not pass muster in the MO world and the RCA but will pass for conversion in the deviationist communities. Permitting a Giyores or Gerusha to marry a kohen is one small step from participating or presiding at a same gender ceremony.

    • Raymond says:

      Is there anybody in your eyes who are part of the Hard Left?

    • bo says:

      What does the OU do for shuls anyways?

      If nothing, why aren’t shuls leaving?

    • Bob Miller says:

      Some “open minded halachic Jews” of this type are non-halachic Jews in that key principles underlying halacha escape them. Some others are anti-halachic Jews undercover.

    • Steve Brizel says:

      Let us know when any of the shuls involved hosts a kollel from RIETS or any other yeshiva. Without the OU it is difficult to imagine Kashrus Kiruv and chizuk and many other critical services and programs.

  4. Ralph Suiskind says:

    We are paying for the sins of past generation…. Unfortunately, historically , we had adopted the lifestyle of others, demeaning the importance of women.. Had we truly maintaining our own truly Jewish lifestyle following the patriarch and matriarch example, none of these alien movements would have arisen within our midst.
    Women would have been taught from infancy on practical basic knowledge of Judaism which would have sufficed to engender within all of us – men as well – total Torah/Mesorah observance … The intensive in depth learning required exclusively for men is due to men’s inborn natural weaknesses to waiver as clearly indicated in verses preceding the revelation at Sinai. Whereas the Jewish women are the bulwark of our
    very Jewish existence both spiritually and physically. May our Jewish women continue to provide their families with the commitment to authentic Judaism.

  5. Eric Leibman says:

    I also want to say that I agree with another commentator on this subject that the shuls in question should have been given a much shorter time line for getting their house in order than three years. Say, instead, three months at most. Is the three year figure a reasonable attempt at achdut by the OU, or is it actually a case of the OU kicking the can down the road because they don’t want to have to do something extremely unpleasant here? Prolonging this just gives the shuls in question more time to maneuver and come up with tactics they believe will make it impossible for the OU to follow through at the end of three years. I fear the OU, if not actually attempting to kick the can down the road, at the least has made a potentially fatal error on this particular issue.

  6. lacosta says:

    not surprisingly, not a single commentary by all these distinguished rabbis of OU pedigree and web presence has criticized the OU for not immediately expelling the fraudulent four. but we all know that , unlike a mechitza, an inanimate object debated to be constructed, four women clergy will not be removed from these institutions. rather , these congregations will garner support from other local OU shuls [ like in the LA case, the MO trinity has been beth jacob, YICC , and bnai david. will they now stop running events together? methinks not]. people will conveniently forget the penalty flag that was thrown down, as the referee later will quietly put it back in his pocket….

  7. Chava Rubin says:

    Question : Will the OU allow synagogues to be OU members if they have a Male Rabbi who was ordained at YCT?

    • dr. bill says:

      Who did the Rav ztl recruit to teach philosophy at YC and where did he get semicha? YCT allows a musmach from a Satmar Dayan to chair their Talmud department; should they expel him because he learned by a strident anti-Zionist? Perhaps bar kamtza was a YCT graduate and that explains why some sat on their hands.

      • Steve Brizel says:

        Perhaps if you read bis commentaeries and “responsa” you would not be so defensive of thevhead of YCTs Takmud department.that is nothing to do with who RTBS choae to teach philosophy in YC.

  8. mavin says:

    Never knew there was a ‘left’ side to the OU. Leftism and Orthodoxy do not go together; it is oxymoronic! If they are leftist leaning, they are automatically NOT orthodox! Common Sense!

  9. David z says:

    I love the Israel line… rabbi at my schul spoke at a community event for mental health in a building at a reform temple campus which also had a school. The kids were noisy and someone apologized publicly for the noise. The rabbi said he didn’t mind because he always loves the sounds of Jewish playing. One of the reform congregants responded, “But rabbi, most of them aren’t Jewish. “

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