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4 Responses

  1. Ben Bradley says:

    The petition website reports now up to 30,00o + signatures.

  2. Mordechai says:

    Ken Yirbu

  3. David Kwiat says:

    This is an extremely important cemetery especially to the Jewish people.  Buried in these hallow grounds are some of the wisest people that ever lived.  These Rabbonim have proven remarkable wisdom through current times with millions of people today studying and living by their strong fertile minds and intellect.  No this is not just a cemetery.  It is a place that must live in eternity for all it represents to the moral decent peoples of the world, especially the Jewish people who learn numerous lessons by the millions daily from these great people with fantastic minds.

  4. Steven Robinson says:

    We visited Kiev a few years ago. Within 100 feet of Babi Yar we discovered that the Jewish cemetery, save a few square feet of remaining graves, had been covered and rebuilt with a TV station. We were devastated and feel equally effected by what is planned in Vilna. The dimunition of our forerunners in Eastern Europe must end.

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