My Chanukah Shiur

An entire hour of machshavah, delivered on the first day of Chanukah at the Yachad Kolel, without having to endure a single original thought of mine. That’s because it is entirely a collection of ideas from much deeper thinkers. The two halves are built on R Goldvicht, zt”l and Maharal. But there are important cameo appearances by Ramban, Malbim, the Gra, the Bahir, R Hutner, R Dessler, R Soloveitchik, R Yaakov Galinsky, Christopher Hitchens and Matthew Arnold. Except for the last two, an all-star cast.

Addendum: Apparently there are people who would prefer an audio-only version, missing out on a terrific opportunity to watch a bobbing head in front of a paroches for an hour. Bowing to the pressure, it is now available as an mp3 download.

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