“And They Shall Become One Flesh”

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4 Responses

  1. ML says:

    Doesn’t the Ramban on “v’el ishah teshukaseich” more or less say that, functionally speaking, there is no real reason for a woman to want to enter a marriage? Ultimately, it is something that was imbued into human nature.

  2. Tuvia says:

    The idea of marriage is the strongest pull kiruv rabbis have – I have been to the meetings – women approaching thirty, men approaching thirty five are absolutely rabid about find a partner and starting a family.

    They will change their whole lives – and believing in Torah from Sinai is a small price to pay in order to get what they are after.

    How those marriages work out is another thing entirely.


  3. mb says:

    Why didn’t God create woman first?

    [YA – Martin, I have a feeling that the responses to this are going to be unprintable, even if funny.]

  4. Raymond says:

    Women are far too complicated for me to even think that I can ever truly understand them or make them genuinely happy. Personally, I find it amazing that any couple at all can find a way to achieve lasting mutual happiness with one another.

    As for the spiritual component to all this, I am reminded of something I picked up probably at some Aish HaTorah lecture: the Hebrew word for man is Ish, and the Hebrew word for female is Isha. The difference in lettering between the two words, is that the male has the Hebrew letter Yud, while the female has the Hebrew letter Heh. Put together, it spells out a name of G-d. Separated out, what is left in both cases is Aish, the word for fire. In other words, if any given couple leaves G-d out of the equation, that relationship will burn itself into extinction.

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