My First Rebbe

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5 Responses

  1. neska says:

    i am saddened by the loss of the light in this world with rabbi weinberg’s (zt”L) passing on to the next. i met him thru his books at aish ha’torah in st louis. the first one led to the second and then the third, and in his writings i could feel his enthusiasm, love, joy and exuberance for teaching. i am blessed to have found him and for his helping me on my path. may he continue to shine on brightly.

  2. Mr. Jack hould says:

    ” May the peace that HE found so elusive be His and now forever.”

  3. David N. Friedman says:

    Rabbi Weinberg has lived a very vital life. I was truly honored to meet him and the legacy he has given us in Aish HaTorah is an important current day link from our past to our Jewish future.

    Perhaps he is best know for admonishing students to not waste time and to live every moment. At last he can rest. It is up to us to continue his work.

  4. L. Oberstein says:

    Rabbi Noach Weinberg is best remembered as a dreamer who made his dreams come true. When he started, few shared his confidence that large numbers of Jews would “return”. He dared to think outside of the box, to dream big dreams and to use cutting edge techniques to reach his audience. He wasn’t cowed by criticism. So many today privately complain about forced conformity but few speak out loudly enough. Rabbi Weinberg was a great leader and left behind many students. I hope that among them there is a successor who will take things to the next level, but who?

  1. February 9, 2009

    […] founder and leader of Aish HaTorah until his passing on Thursday. As I detail in a post on Cross-Currents, I attended only one of his classes (until I, much later, was involved in outreach myself) — […]

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