We Want Young Writers!

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12 Responses

  1. Izzy says:

    Is the upper limit of 30 “ad, ve’ad bechlal?”

  2. G says:

    “. . . and women.” Thank you for including that. It’s refreshing to see that women may indeed have a voice in the community.

  3. Liora says:

    I find this prospect very intriguing, but it would be helpful if you could post suggested topics.

    • Yitzchok Adlerstein says:

      Not going to do that. Good writing is born of passion, which is going to have to come from within

  4. cvmay says:

    What about “middle age”, experienced, and talented WOMEN…..

  5. Jacob Suslovich says:

    Does life, or growth end at thirty?

    • Yitzchok Adlerstein says:

      Got to draw a line somewhere. Nostalgia prevailed. I remembered the saw with which I grew up: “Never trust anyone over thirty.”

  6. YEA says:

    Rabbi Adlerstein, would it be possible to have your future comments immediately follow the comments on which they are commenting? I often get confused trying to figure out to whom you are responding.

  7. Charlie Hall says:

    “Never trust anyone over thirty.”

    I grew up with that. And since I just turned 54 (today is the actual day on the Hebrew calendar), I have to admit that my views changed. 😉

  8. c -l,c says:

    I am 30 years old, and contrary to what some commentors here imagine, these threads are followed with interest by the younger generation.

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