Can We Talk Honestly?

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6 Responses

  1. Lawrence M. Reisman says:

    One of the things we can publicize with regard to this problem is that it is not necessarily a uniquely Jewish problem. In all western countries (the US included) Arab men chase western women with an enthusiasm and ardour that sweeps women away. After marriage, the true personality emerges. American Christian women have had problems similar to those about which Rabbi Rosenblum writes. And it’s not just Arabs; Iranian men can be the same way. Try reading “Not Without My Daughter” for chilling story of what can happen.

  2. Shanks says:

    “And the second is in reluctance to enforce laws against statutory rape in cases where the Jewish girls are young teenagers. The halachic rule is that the seduction of a minor is considered rape because she cannot give consent, and the same presumption is embodied in the statutory rape statutes.”
    Halacha actually considers a young teenager of age to give consent.

  3. L. Oberstein says:

    In the US we have lots more “at risk” young people than a generation ago. We have far more victims of abuse and molestation than people are willing to admit. Dysfunctional families crushed under the burden of unsustainable financial obligations proliferate. In our community, besides the other focus groups we now have one for parents whose children are less frum than they are. Israel has the added danger of non Jews who hate us and whose concepts of male female relationhips are far different.These Arabs are not simply gentiles who fall in love with a Jewish girl,but enemies conquering a victim.

  4. c y says:

    Stick to the point.The problem is only because of how they are treated afterwards,or dating them is inherently wrong.

  5. pk says:

    You write that the reason these Jewish girls date and marry Arabs is that they come from abusive and disfunctional homes. There may be another reason. Most of the girls who date and marry Arabs are Sephardim. It is possible that there is a shortage of Jewish men for these girls. There is a large age gap between Sephardic men and women when they date and marry (The men are quite a few years older then the women). This leads to there being a surplus of women for the men. The laws of supply and demand can lead to Sephardic Jewish men taking Jewish women for granted and not courting them. Along comes an Arab who courts and treats these women well while they are dating (not after marriage). The Arab men may looking for Jewish women to marry because in the Arab world there may be a shortage of women for young men because of polygamy. The way to solve this problem is to narrow the age gap between Jewish men and women dating so that there is one man for one woman. If Jewish (Sephardic) women have Jewish men to marry they will be less likely to date and marry an Arab.

  6. Steve Brizel says:

    One wonders where are the feminists and their supporters on such an important issue.

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