The Lord Giveth, The Lord Taketh Away

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6 Responses

  1. Menachem Lipkin says:

    With “scholarship” like this it’s no wonder Islam has become intellectually impotent.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Some people lie a lot; billions of them.

  3. Aaron says:

    The punchline “when their lips move” comes to mind.

    Shall we start the betting pool on the date when Chabad will beat that Indonesian Menorah for world’s largest. 😉

  4. Toby Katz says:

    “Al-Buraq Wall is in fact the western wall of Al-Aksa Mosque…This wall was never part of the so-called Temple Mount, but Muslim tolerance allowed the Jews to stand in front of it and weep over its destruction.”

    I’m waiting for some journalist to ask the Arabs: why would the Jews WANT to weep over its destruction, if it was always a Muslim holy place with no relation to the Jews?

  5. aron feldman says:

    The question is how many in the academia and the Israeli LW will swallow this so called scholarship hook line and sinker

  6. Raymond says:

    It is my understanding that the followers of the Koran also believe that it was Yishmael, and not Yitzchak, whom Avraham brought to the alter to be sacrificed, and that somehow the story of Joseph in Egypt happened at the same time as the story of Mordechai and Queen Esther. I guess when truth is not valued, anybody can make claims about anything, including calling the Burial Plot of our Forefathers a Mosque, calling us Jews nazi aggressors, and the absurd myth that Israel has ever belonged to the Palestinians. It has not.

    As for that gigantic menorah in Indonesia, very nice, but it is almost inevitable that the followers of the Koran will one day destroy it, just as they have destroyed Buddhist Temples, Christian Churches, and anything else that challenges their nonsensical worldview.

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