Praying for the Soldiers

Long-time readers may remember that the same was done during the War in Lebanon. Your prayers are needed!

An open letter to Acheinu Benei Yisroel [Our Brethren, the Children of Israel]

After learning about the heart-rending appeal of the Gedolei Torah [Leading Torah Scholars] to intensify our Tefilos [prayers] and Torah learning during this very trying time for Klal Yisroel, we have undertaken to join and aid them in their prayers.

The Medrash Rabah and the Yalkut relate that during the war against Midyon, for every one that went out to battle there was a designated person whose task it was to pray and learn for him.

The Great Gaon and Sage Rebbe Chaim Kanievsky shlitah when asked about this tradition pointed out that Dovid Hemelech, as well continued and instituted the practice, that for every individual who was in combat, there was another person selected for the specific task of praying and learning for him.

Therefore in order to continue and accomplish this Minhag, we ask soldiers and/or their relatives who would want a “partner” in Torah and Tefillah to email maortlmo [at] or fax 011 9728 9450027 and give their Hebrew name and mothers Hebrew name without any other particulars such as family name or other identifying factors, so that we may disseminate them among those who heed the call to add Torah and Tefiloh for the sake of those who find themselves in jeopardy ח”ו. Anyone who finds himself or herself ח”וin danger or in shelters because of the war may also feel free to call or email to the above.

To bond with us and receive a name of your “partner” please email or fax the above.

May Klal Yisroel in the merit of joining together, speedily see a successful end to this trial and campaign as quoted in the Parsha “without loss of life”.

HaRav Simcha Hakohen Kook HaRav Levi Yitzchok Horowitz
Chief Rabbi of Rechovot Bostoner Rebbe

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3 Responses

  1. joel rich says:

    While I think we can all fully support this initiative as well as the various tehillim and learning initiatives, it might be worthwhile to consider that yesterday, as a fast day (the Tenth of Tevet), was a day already set aside as a day of serious introspection (i.e. fasting without meaningful introspection does not due the day justice). While my teachers always taught that we can not pretend to understand the way the master of the universe runs the world, they also taught that in an eit tzarah (time of trouble) we should each look at the totality of our priorities. That might mean a greater attention to prayer and/or political action and/or charity and/or Torah study and/or shmirat halashon….- we each need to define our own game plan.

    May we each “raise our games” to a higher level and pray that in the merit of our increased efforts the master of the universe protect us all, especially our brothers and sisters in Israel and speedily bring our physical and spiritual exile to an end.


  2. cvmay says:

    “we each need to define our own game plan”.
    GOOD IDEA, but do we??

    At an ‘as tzara’, a unified front and dedicated tefillos for messengers of gd are needed besides the personal game plan.

  3. joel rich says:

    I suppose it is a matter of how much is devoted to each.If the only change one makes in ones life is to add some names to a tehillim list, I’m not sure how much that adds when compared to volunteering to work with the victims of terror (as an example). I also note that the unified front argument doesn’t cut both ways (isee today’s rally at the Israeli consulate in NY and hamevin yavin)


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