Israel as of Rosh Hashana 5769 – Part II

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2 Responses

  1. Charles B. Hall says:

    “The number of Israeli professors on American campuses is nearly a quarter of those in Israel.”

    I see this personally; I have many Israeli colleagues — religious and non-religious.

    “Livni’s margin of victory owed entirely to Moslem voters.”

    Think about this one carefully. Arab Muslims are paying dues and joining a Zionist political party. Would anyone have imagined it 60 years ago?

    We should all be rejoicing! Would that the rest of the Arab Muslims in the Middle East became Zionist supporters!!!

  2. Garnel Ironheart says:

    More than being rebels, the question surrounding Israel’s leadership is: what are they leading for?
    They do not see any importance in Israel’s survival as aa Jewish state. For Olmert, Tel Aviv is Manhattan and Israel’s biggest drawback is that it isn’t “fun” enough. The government surrounding him was raised in an era where cheating the system to get ahead was a way of life. Having achieved power, they are now in a situation analogous to giving the bank robber the job of bank manager and expecting him to be responsible.
    But the real failure of Israel is the electorate. They tolerate it and this ennui is what is doing to damage Israel most.
    Personally, I blame the National Religious. Our community was supposed to be the leader in developing the new Israeli, religious and observant of God’s law, but also a fully contributing citizen of the modern State. In terms of outreach and influence, the community has completely failed and needs to reassert itself to positively influence Israel’s future.

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