Be Forewarned — Oversize Posting!

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3 Responses

  1. Neil Harris says:

    What an important article. Thank you.

  2. Ken Applebaum says:

    The Talmud says that Torah (i.e., a Torah way of life) is one of the things that always needs Chizuk (encouragement and strengthening). Thank you Rabbi Safran for providing such Chizuk in this important post.

  3. Esther says:

    I think the most important point of your article was in the introduction. It’s so important to be aware that you and your actions are the first exposure any non-frum person will have of the entire Torah lifestyle and Judaism. Not only will you miss out on a kiruv opportunity but you have then set an image in the person’s mind that will affect whether anyone else will ever get the opportunity to have any of the discussions that Rabbi Shafran’s article is about. (In fact, i would say that Rabbi Shafran actually did NOT miss the opportunity – although he didn’t “do kiruv,” he spoke nicely to the person so left the door open for this person because this person will remember the friendly frum guy on a motorcycle)

    Remember, this means not only being friendly instead of rude, but also not driving like a maniac or other public behavior that will form negative images. There may only be a small number of people who wil; have the opportunity and ability to have the discussions in this article with a questioning fellow Jew, but it is th rest of us who make that person willing to even ask the questions in the first place.

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