Kibbutz Conversation

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4 Responses

  1. cvmay says:

    Letter to Editor published on Monday, July 23 in the Hamodia Daily
    Erev Shabbos Chazan, a few day preceding Tisha B’av was a perfect time to read the article, “Kibbutz Conversation” by Rabbi Avi Shafran. These are the several points that I personally was impressed with. Firstly, two cousins who met just moments ago were willing and able to strike up a relationship, converse and share commonalities in a respectful manner. Secondly, The Jewish History at the fingertips of the American Yeshiva Bochur was immense and gave him the confidence (if he desired) to share and expound on his point of view. Finally, the bochur used the words “us” and “we” which builds achdus & camaraderie, warmth and understanding. Many lessons can be modeled from this article particularly during these trying times that klal yisroel finds itself in. Respectfully, cvmay

  2. ralphie says:

    I heard once that when Menachim Begin was prime minister, he tried to move the commemoration of the shoah to Tisha B’Av (possibly at the recommendation of Rav Soloveitchik). The education minister explained that if it were moved to the summer, no one would learn about it, because school was out. Don’t know if this story is apocryphal or not but I always found in interesting.

  3. Garnel Ironheart says:

    The comment about no one learning about Yom Hashoah if it were in the summer is a good one. It’s probably why very few non-religious Jews have ever heard of it. Hebrew school was a distant memory by the time it rolled around. Same thing is happening to Shavous, come to think of it.

    I only have one problem with the article – the whole part about how the Israeli cousin wants to ensure the Holocaust is well remembered by his descendants. Given the pathetic percentage of Israeli schoolchildren who can recognize David Ben Gurion’s picture and tell you who he was, I doubt they’ll carry the memory of the Holocaust much longer.

  4. la costa says:

    i am curious if the 3 weeks is a big deal academically in southern hemisphere schoools, where this is in the middle of the term…

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