Moving to the ‘Burbs

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6 Responses

  1. easterner says:

    and the next article will be about when haredim ‘invade’ Modern Orthodox neighborhoods….

  2. SteveG says:

    Jonathan Rosenblum drives me crazy. He writes well, makes salient points, and then puts his foot in his mouth.

    Here’s an entire article about anti-Orthodox bigotry. Two paragraphs from the end, he arbitrarily decides that “alleged” story related by a Conservative Jew is caused by Orthodox induced guilt feelings. What guilt feelings could those be? Mr. Rosenblum doesn’t say. Probably the standard guilt feelings that all non-Orthodox Jews feel because they are all secretly ashamed that they don’t do Judaism correctly whereas the Orthodox are all true living model of Judaism.


  3. L.Oberstein says:

    My son and his family recently moved to Lower Merion because he got a Shonmer Shabbos residency at Temple U. Hospital. It is upscale and most of the frum Jews are modern orthodox. Many are highly educated professionals. So, it ironic that Lower Merion is the location for this article.

  4. Steve Brizel says:

    IIRC, the author of the article previously has written anti O and anti Israel articles for New York Magazine. While there is subliminal tension, I also challenge the credibility of the story of a MO person chastizing someone for buying non-kosher meat. That IMO is the product of a creative and biased writer’s imagination. OTOH, biogotry by heterodox Jews against Orthodox Jews-both Charedi and MO, manifests itself whenever Charedi and MO Jews move into communities that had previously been heterodox domains. FWIW, at least the NY state courts and the NY federal courts have refused to allow zoning and similar regulations or provisions in coop agreements from allowing the building of shuls, mikvaos, eruvim, and sukkos. You can find the most “liberal and tolerant” Jews of all kinds of lifestyles who suddenly raise “quality of life” issues whenever a Charedi or MO population grwoth “threatens” their “way of life.” At that juncture, you see and learn that tolerance need not apply to either Charedi or MO Jews.

  5. Steve Brizel says:

    Easterner-If you want to read urban myths about Charedim and MO neighborhoods, start with “Sliding to the Right”.

  6. Reb Yid says:

    There’s nothing particularly new about any of this. Friction between and among ethnic and religious groups as neighborhoods changes are a staple of American life.

    In terms of intra-ethnic conflicts, battles between German and Eastern European Jews used to go on like this in suburbia 50, 60 years ago and earlier. The suburban Conservative shul in which JR was raised is a prime example–the German Jews were not thrilled with the influx of Eastern European Jews and the mansion that was purchased (which would become the first non-Reform shul in the area) had to be done on the sly through a 3rd party so as not to arouse opposition.

    Much earlier in American Jewish history, it was the Sephardim who were the “old timers” and tried to preserve their “way of life” against the influx of the Ashkenazim. We will no doubt see other chapters play out in the future, including IMHO more and more of a Haredi influx into MO neighborhoods.

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