Public Schools vs. Parents’ Values

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13 Responses

  1. HILLEL says:

    The radical homosexuals are leading the charge against the religious values that used to undergird civilized society.

    Unless they are vigorously opposed, we shall all suffer the consequences here, in America, and in Jerusalem, where “Gay” marches have unfortunatley become an annual event.

  2. Amanda Rush says:

    This is sick.
    But the sickest part about it isn’t the fact that second-graders, and even kindergarteners are being introduced to homosexual love.
    It’s the fact that children are being read books about romance, including illustrations of passionate kisses.
    That’s totally inappropriate, above and beyond the issue of homosexual unions.
    Children that young definitely do not need to be taught about human sexuality.

  3. Bob Miller says:

    Politicians respond to majorities. If most voters were seriously and actively concerned about decency in public school curricula, these problems would be taken care of. But, by now, much of the electorate has been corrupted, too. The immediate need is the very difficult task of turning the voters around, which includes helping them to overcome their own indoctrination.

  4. Jack says:

    It is not sick to talk to children about homosexuality. It is not sick to teach your children that there is nothing wrong with being homosexual. I don’t believe that this is a choice any more than I believe you can choose what color eyes you have.

  5. Robbie says:

    I am in full support of what the Massachusetts schools are doing. It’s a smart idea to educate everyone that families look different – and for the kids who come from those families, it helps them feel like a normal kid.

    And it helps for those kids from traditional families realize that there’s a world beyond their front doors.

    But Jacoby’s right – you don’t like what they’re teaching, find your own school. Everything they’re doing is well within the law.

  6. michal says:

    Public schools are not places where anyone, Jewish or not, should endanger their children (spiritually or physically). However, for a Jew, the Torah is quite clear regarding homosexuality.


  7. Bob Miller says:

    Robbie said, “And it helps for those kids from traditional families realize that there’s a world beyond their front doors.”

    The info in Jeff Jacoby’s column suggests that it’s best to keep this particular door shut. Much as the angels did at Lot’s house in Sodom.

  8. HILLEL says:

    To Robbie:
    You wrote:
    “you don’t like what they’re teaching, find your own school. Everything they’re doing is well within the law.”

    This sounds deceptively simple. But the devil is in the details.

    Those who go to public school get free tuition. Those who “find their own school,” pay twice, once for the public schools (through taxes), and again for direct tuition. This unfairly tips the balance in favor of the views espoused by the currently-radical-left-wing beaureaucrats who control the public schools.

  9. Amanda Rush says:

    My issue is more with the fact that children are being taught about human sexuality at far too young an age.
    I don’t care whether it’s homosexual or heterosexual.
    It’s not an appropriate subject for second-graders.

  10. Moshe Hillson says:

    I wonder if those educators are as liberal and tolerant towards a teacher who wants to mention Intelligent Design as an existing option.

  11. Sarah M says:

    fact of life one: there are men who feel emotional and sexual attraction exclusively to other men. and women sometimes feel exclusive attraction to other women.
    fact of life two: public schools have lots of things going on in them that may not agree with halacha, starting with but not limited to the treif school cafeteria food, stories of helpless princesses being rescued that sound like a lousy way to teach a girl to be an eshet chayil, science classes that teach evolution, history classes that teach histories of multiple religions, or different versions of our own history, and works of literature starring Jesus such as Paradise Lost.

    Why pick on this issue? Are people worried it will make their children gay? If your child is gay its because Hashem, not storytime made them that way. More likely it will teach the children who are gay that who they are is ok, and their parents will teach them that mishkav zachar is forbidden. THe home is where religion should be taught anyway.

  12. Eliezer Barzilai says:

    I’m tired of hearing about people, sheep, and fruitflies who are born gay. Let’s assume such things happen. But there are also ten times as many people who have a moment in their lives when they feel a homosexual attraction toward a close friend. Two things can happen: either they are terrified and horrified, and never act on it and never have the feeling again, or they decide it’s perfectly normal, and incorporate it into their internal lives, and ultimately act on it. Having the books about two mommies read to a young child makes the latter far more likely.

    I know all about the rule that a person should not say “pork is disgusting” but rather that pork may be good to eat, and yet the Torah prohibited it. This rule does not apply to certain forbidden behaviors, such as adultery, idolatry, or homosexuality. In fact, there’s a nice list of such behaviors at the end of the first half of this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Achrei Mos.

  13. HILLEL says:

    For all of those readers who think that Homosexual militants are “just folks.” like the rest of us, here is an article that exposes the carefully-planned strategy of indoctrination that is beimg implemented in our educational institutions:

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