Learning Torah

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2 Responses

  1. Ori Pomerantz says:

    Torah study is likely to be an easier “sell” to an heterodox audience than most Mitzvot. It is something that can be done at any time, at any intensity level. It gives a feeling of achievement even to a beginner who does it casually.

  2. Micah Segelman says:

    Rabbi Menken-

    I’m a little bit disturbed by the fact that you say you are publishing his words “with an expression of open agreement and admiration.” While some of what this person says is admirable, nonetheless, the differences between what he expresses and what we as orthodox Jews believe is substantial. There is a danger in that you give the impression that there is room for compromise on ikrei emunah. The sincerity of the author (which I do not question) does not justify any such compromise.

    I am not claiming that you have in any way indicated that there is room for compromise on ikrei emunah, chas v’shalom, but rather that the way you presented this could engender that reaction.

    As one instance, to say that “our oral law is the Jewishly authentic way of understanding the Bible, and of understanding how to live as Jews” suggests a belief very far removed from the spectrum of Torah thought on the standing of Torah sheBaal Peh.

    Micah David Segelman

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