Prayer rally at the Kotel last Wednesday

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3 Responses

  1. MP says:

    I’m not given over to speaking “Yeshivish,” but I have to make an exception in this case. Reading this essay was mamash amazing.

    > Immediately the people around me began a discussion as to whether we should say the special bracha (blessing) for when 600,000 Jews gather together (…Chacham harazim)….we decided to say it without Shem Hamalchus (Hashem’s Name).

    May we all be zocheh to say the b’rachah of “Matziv g’vul almanah” with Shaim uMalchus. For more on both b’rachos, see

  2. Micha says:

    Just remember, though, what unified us in tefillah is the existence of a majority of Jews who are trying to redefine Jewish Peoplehood in terms none of us can accept. In other words, as much as its success is a measure of unity amongst the observant and traditional, it’s also a measure of disunity.

    Given the timing of this tragic loss of homes, jobs and dreams, the final hours of the mourning of the Nine Days, I can’t help but believe that the Creator is trying to teach us to fix our disunity, and we shouldn’t be distracting ourselves by exclusively focusing on our successes.

  3. Nachum Lamm says:

    A moving post, but I’m troubled the repeated desire for some concrete action by Hashem- for the heavens to open and the Mikdash to descend. This is, first, wrongly anti-halakhic. The Mikdash is to be built by us, and perhaps we can consider that our inability (or nondesire) to do this and other actions contributes to our problems. Secondly, it’s against Jewish belief. “Mah titzak alay? Daber el Bnai Yisrael v’yisa’u!”

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