The Detail Omitted

Once again, something from Toby Katz fits well with a post I was planning to make. She wrote:

Nowadays even many of the clergy in the heterodox movements are in the category of “tinok shenishba”—a child raised among non-Jews who, according to halacha, cannot be blamed for his ignorance of Jewish law.

While in general I enjoy Rabbi Avi Shafran’s essays, and agree with much of what he writes, I learned after posting his most recent article that he had omitted what I regard as an important detail: the woman who played the observant girl’s Rabbi is, in fact, a Reform Rabbi — and was a consultant for the show as well as an actress. If so, and if the descriptions provided are accurate, she provided living proof of Mrs. Katz’s point.

Did any reader see the show? Could someone clarify what, precisely, the Rabbi advised the young baalas teshuva? At least as described, it was not that Jewish law mandates saving lives, but I’d like to hear from someone who knows before commenting.

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