Paradox Lost — and Found

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3 Responses

  1. Yaakov Rosenblatt says:

    Thank you Eytan for a masterful piece. It is ironic that so much of secular culture (poetry, literature, music, film and theater) focuses on love, a collage of never ending attempt to distill, define, and deliniate, that most wondrous experience in irreligous terms. But love is the mergence of souls not intrests. Without reverence of the soul all we are left with is reverence of love, which allows a Michael Schiavo to withdraw his poor wife’s feeding tube because “that is what she would have desired”.

  2. Sholom Simon says:

    Oh, c’mon. Most of life is not black and white, and, certainly, to a secularist who cares both about “life” and “rights”, this was a case of balancing acts. The Florida Constitution has a “right of privacy”. Included in that right is the right of self-determination as to treatment and/or withdrawal of that treatment.

    And so, the answer to Peggy Noonan’s disingenuous loaded question: many of those arguing on behalf of Michael Shiavo’s actions were concerned that Terri Schiavo’s rights of self-determination were preserved. (This, of course, presumes that Michael knew, precisely, what Terri would have wanted, but whether that is a correct assumption is not the issue here). (Furthermore, *if* Michael was correct in what Terri would have wanted, then what he was doing *was* love based from his perspective — he was attempting to fulfill Terri’s wishes.)

    This is _precisely_ why the Florida GOP-controlled legislature specifically rejected any changes to the law. Florida is a state of many senior citizens, and many of those senior citizens care deeply about their “right” to accept and/or terminate medical treatment at the end of life.

    Yes, yes, we know, halacha makes a different choice. But neither Noonan nor PETA, et al, are arguing from a halachic perspective.

  3. Seth Gordon says:

    Let the record show that with Schaivo’s death, the Republican party has also lost interest in the issue.

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