The Siyum HaShas

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4 Responses

  1. Avi Rubin says:

    Great Post. One comment, not about your commendable post but about the lack of comments to this post. Thousands of Jews have just finised the entire Shas, a truly joyous and yeoman feat by any standard. Hundreds of thousands of Jews from the entire cross section of Orthodoxy came to pay tribute to them and to hear words of Torah and guidance from many great Rabbanim and Gedolei Yisrael. Still, not one of the many visitors to this popular blog saw fit to comment or share with others how they too were inspired. On the other hand as soon as a blog is put up about an issue such as…yes, the Slifkin issue… comments and “expert” opinions, (the majority of them questioning the competence, the integrity, and judgement of great Torah scholars come thick and fast. What does this say about us? Do we only feel passionately about issues that are controversial? About Issues that may cast aspersions on Torah scholars? Can we exhibit as much passion rejoicing in a true “Simchas Torah” such as a siyum hashas or does a feat such as that not “turn us on enough” controversial enough?

  2. Michoel says:

    For your own peace of mind, please remember that blog-users are not a representative sample of Orthodox Jews. The true idealists are busy learning and doing chesed, not sitting batel in front of a computer, throughing flames back and forth.

  3. David Brand says:

    Stikah K’Hodaah. If people agree, then they probably won’t comment. That said, the Chicago program was amazing. I would like to publicly thank the committe for the lack of Yiddish speakers. And, for those who thought R’ Frand was incredible, I can assure you that he was even better live!

  4. Michael Lamm says:

    Many people I know did not attend the Siyum Hashas because they hear enough speeches at every Bar Mitzvah they attend. I have tried to convince them that while the speeches at the Bar Mitzvah are terrific if you can stay awake, the speeches at the Siyum Hashas are delivered by Gedolai Hador. The opportunity to hear this many Gedolai Hador deliver speeches and Dvar Torah is an opportunity not to be missed. And to add to this, to Daven in a Minyan with 20,000 people answering to Kaddish and Kedusha (less the women) is inspiring to say the least. But my biggest thrill was to see my grown son with his translation earphone taking in every word by every speaker and coming away wth the comment that it was outstanding. And finally, to see 20,000 yidden (less the women) dancing and swaying to the music with such simcha is also awe inspiring. To add to this that frum Yidden of every type attending one event with the same intent gives me hope that we still have a chance of deserving the arrival of Meshiach. A hat does not make a Jew and without a hat does not make a non-Jew.

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