Nanny Nanny Kishkes

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2 Responses

  1. Leapa says:

    Yes we’d come out great in education, and we deserve better. But is raising a generation used to using OPM for living expenses and rent right? Are you advocating grabbing $’s here because we don’t get $’s there?

  2. Jeff Ballabon says:

    Whoa! How on earth did you leap-a to that conclusion? (sorry, couldn’t resist). I said the EXACT OPPOSITE.

    I said that we should STOP relying on OPM and start relying on our own. I also said that it’s about time the government stopped taking so much of our money.

    Get it? I’m AGAINST the big-government nanny state. I believe wherever possible (and it is not always possible) people should get to keep the money they earn rather than have government redistribute the wealth.

    Lowering taxes, tuition tax credits and school choice is about getting to keep our money rather than have the govt pry it out of our hands and turn it into OPM. That is consistent with the idea that we should be less reliant on OPM.

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