Comments worth keeping…

One consequence of taking down the comments is that some really valuable past contributions disappeared. I’m going through some of the comments to my posts and re-posting some beauts – (whether I agreed with them or not). Here’s one:

I think that it�s self-evident that there are two fundamental areas where Jewish groups as a whole can really improve. (Although these areas are most pertinent to secular Jewish groups or secular groups that are not Jewish but have a dominant Jewish representation there may be room for improvement to varying degrees across the entire spectrum of Jewish groups)

1) Tolerate the majority. Recognize that they may want freedom to express their religion. Focus on protecting minorities by special or alternate arrangement and accomodation to ensure protection of equal rights rather than by imposing and enforcing secularism in the public square. Sensitivity training should focus more on making minorities understand the majority than vice versa.

2) Don�t appear too demanding and don�t be too demanding. We have needs but we need to be reasonable. Noisy and provocative campaigns are better fund-raisers than quiet diplomacy but they come at the expense of widespread resentment and only serve to reinforce negative stereotypes.

In truth we can summarize the above and much more in one recommendation, �Let�s try and remember that we�re in golus”. We can achieve so much more through humility and cooperation than through provocation and conflict.

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