Immigration, Meet Balak

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2 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    Which war is going on in Central America? Who asked many parents there to send their kids through Mexico (NOTE: not TO Mexico!) to the US unaccompanied or accompanied by criminals, rapists, etc.? Why does Mexico refuse to absorb any migrant kids, adults, or families passing into their country? Could it be that Mexico enforces its own laws? Why do certain activities at the US-Mexico border earn no criticism when a Democratic US President does them, but much criticism when a Republican US President does them? Why does Congress oppose strict enforcement of migrant-control laws passed in Congress and enacted into law—without doing its job to change the laws?

  2. Weaver says:

    1. Does anyone know if there is any real source for current events being reflected in the weeks’ parsha (or, more recently, the haftorah)? The gemara mentions many variations of the parsha-reading cycle throughout the year, so I wonder if this is not just an exercise in reading back connections that aren’t really there, and that this is a cute idea/exercise that somehow became an authentic “Torah concept”.
    2. The explanation by Meleches Machsheves is great – it really humanizes and fleshes out the entire incident!

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