Thirteen Times Two Equals One

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2 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Another way of expressing this idea may be the following:
    HaShem judges us “Midda Keneged Midda.”
    Therefore, if you want HaShem to judge you according to His Yud Gimmel Middos of mercy, then you should make the Yud Gimmel Middos of Rabbi Yishmael a top priority in your daily life, i.e. talmud torah keneged kulom.

  2. Moshe Schorr says:

    You can go one step further. I was taught that the 13 _correspond_ with each other. For example, the first Attribute of Mercy is “Keil” and it corresponds with the
    hermeneutical attribute “kal v’chomer”.

    We find when Moshe Rabeinu prayed for Miryam, he began his prayer with “Keil”. And in HaShem’s response, He teaches a “kal v’chomer”!

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