Pesach Questions 5768

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4 Responses

  1. Barzilai says:

    I don’t think confusing the pots and pans is as rare as it may seem. What’s rare is the person honest enough to admit to himself and to his Rav that he really doesn’t remember for sure. One can use red and blue and green nail polish, but I resolved the problem by buying a little, inexpensive metal engraver, which can be used as easily as a pen to write on the pots, pans, sink strainers, glass pitchers and so on. This has helped for the rest of the year as well, and has cut down the amount of times the milchikeh keilim end up in the fleishikeh dishwasher. You can also discretely engrave your name on gifts to young couples, with sometimes interesting results.

  2. Mordechai Torczyner says:

    The third case, responsibility for a non-Jew’s chametz, comes up frequently: I receive many pre-Pesach shailos each year regarding dorm room refrigerators, as well as office cubicle refrigerators, in which non-Jews store their chametz.

  3. Tzvi Haber says:

    According to the Noda BeYehuda whiskey is not chametz, so maybe you could be matir based on that?

  4. zalman says:

    The employee could have asked his employer to agree that he would have no liability whatsoever, even if negligent.

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