Acharei Mos and Jon Corzine

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2 Responses

  1. Avigdor M'Bawlmawr says:

    All he needed was a seat belt? Perhaps not traveling at 91 mph in a 65 zone would have helped, too. He and his entourage recklessly endangered other motorists so he could be on time to a PR event. According to what I read, their actions caused another motorist to panic and lose control of his vehicle. Please buckle up, and BTW, don’t drive like a meshugga.

  2. cvmay says:

    As a Director of Driver Education, that issues 500 completion certificates to frum teenagers yearly to begin their career in safe driving, SEAT BELTS are safety feature #1. A shoulder and waist belt will reduce injuries by 85% and fatalities by 60%, you may view videos to back these statistics on the AAA web site. The problem is, all future drivers MODEL the habits of those they drive with, if Mom & Dad “click it”, so will they.
    The responsibility is ours, YOU decide your actions and its consequences. Also we teach to avoid the 4 DDDD’s which equal DRINKING, DRUGS (legal only), DROWSY & DISTRACTIONS (cells).

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