The Advantages of Clarity

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2 Responses

  1. mycroft says:

    Excellebt post-especially two sentences ” But one cannot always infer negative intentions from adverse impact.” and
    ” Indifference, however, is not the same thing as a desire to destroy chareidi society or all vestiges of Judaism.”
    Sometimes-especially among the young Chareidi I hear words similar to comparing an Israeli government to Nazis or Arabs are no worse. I never heard that type talk from Chareidi Rosh Yeshiva-Israel may not be what we waited almost 1900 years for-but certainly it has always let in Jews of all persuasions in to escape persecution.
    Zionism may have become an “avodah zarah”=among a few-but in general it has been a very positive force. During the 2nd beis Hamikdah most governments treated “frum” Jews much worse than any current Israeli government-but Chazal were certa
    upset about the loss of soveriegnty. The debate-machlokes-about whether there was a fast of Tisha Bav in the time of the \2nd Beis Hamikdash probably reflects on the issue of the importance of Jewish sovereignty. It is not the ikkar-Torah is is but still a value-if nothing else for the ability to save Jewish lives. Reason for Mizrachi support of Uganda plan -a century ago.
    Great post..

  2. Dov W says:

    You are a clear thinker and yet on this one you seem to miss the point entirely.

    We may be better off with a PA lead by Hamas rather than Fatah but that’s only because the PA is a militarily inferior and external enemy under whose jurisdiction we don’t have to live.

    If G-d forbid the theoretical choice facing Israeli citizens were between an Israeli government controlled by Hamas or one controlled by Fatah we would have to be insane to choose Hamas.

    Same with Kadimah and Shinui, if it were given that both were to remain in opposition we could arguably be better off with Shinui. But as far as who we prefer in government the choice is clear. Clarity is only good among our enemies as long as they don’t run the show.

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