What IS Jerusalem?

Whether one regards President Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel as a dangerous and foolhardy move or wise and deeply principled, it cast a well-deserved bucket of cold water into the...


Moving Commentary 3

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg, serious scholar, editor of the Intermountain Jewish News, and friend for decades, called shortly before I left the States, warning that I was on the cusp of never learning seriously again....


At Least We Could Cry

by Rabbi Meir Goldberg Rav Yitzchok of Vorka was one of the leading Rebbes in Poland some two hundred years ago. A close friend of the Kotzker and the Chidushei Harim of Ger, he...

Agudath Israel on General Assembly Vote

    Agudath Israel Statement on This Morning’s U.N. General Assembly Vote   The countries that voted this morning in the United Nations General Assembly to demand that the U.S. rescind its recognition of...

Body and Soul

It sounds like a story about the fictional Chelm. The town philosopher sagely informs his fellow citizens that he has no face. He can’t perceive it directly, he points out, and besides, as anyone...


Reform’s Celebration of Lawlessness

No one was “roughed up” due to being a Reform Jew, much as saying so delighted anti-Semitic bigots around the globe. Whatever violence transpired was directly attributable to the behavior of Rabbi Davidson and his colleagues.


Moving Commentary 2

With huge thanks to HKBH, we arrived here two days ago. Lots of things to get done, and I have no intention of boring people. But I will offer it as an excuse for...

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