Fake Kashrus

Long before candidate Donald Trump ever uttered the phrase “fake news,” some of us in the Jewish world involved with media were well acquainted with the concept. From The New York Times’ description at...


Envy Isn’t Jewish

The Western Wall in Jerusalem could (and should) be a place of Jewish unity; instead, it has become for some a target of envy. How much more good would these American leaders do, were they to not increase jealousy but reduce it?


Yes, Sadly Saying Kaddish for Non-Orthodox Judaism

(This article first appeared in Times of Israel.) In Saying Kaddish for American, Non-Orthodox Judaism? Rabbi Todd Berman argues that we should not prematurely accept the disappearance of the non-Orthodox Jewish movements in America. For despite...


Moving Commentary2.5

Alas, trips to the supermarket need to be repeated. We tried the Osher Ad, closer to home. As we finished bagging our catch, I handed the cashier our magic piece of plastic. “Did you...

Window on the Warped

Interested in making a quick $14.88? Well, you might want to consider writing a racist or anti-Semitic article and submitting it to “The Daily Stormer,” one of the more famous neo-Nazi websites that sprout...


Moving Commentary4

Buying appliances works differently here. When they drop off a refrigerator, you can’t just plug it in. You have to make an appointment with a technician from a service company to do the final...

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