Say It Ain’t So, Joe

A Catholic aquaintance just couldn’t believe that L’Osservatore Romano, a Vatican newspaper, could have been so obtuse and mean-spirited as to criticize Israel for offering IDF field hospitals to Sri Lanka. She was right....


‘Tis the Season (Part Two)

A few days ago, I threw out the idea that the adoption of divestment motions by mainline churches is a greater threat to Jewish interests than PETA’s challenge to shechita. The former introduces the...


Blogging and Loshon Hora (Gossip)

The Jewish Times article (dicussed below) talks about our blog and the perceived media bias against observant Jewry, but also talks about the inherent conflict between journalism and Judaism. It is difficult to be...


Black and White

David Klinghoffer on black and white and shades of gray…Personally, I think I disagree. I think it is is all black and white, you just have to get really close to distinguish the pixels.


Women Too!

“Orthodoxy and The Blog” is the title of an article about Cross-Currents, appearing in this week’s edition of the Baltimore Jewish Times. It’s a good article! I do not recall saying that the blog...


Looking Ahead:

Okay – so here’s the idea – Every year, the excellent bloggers at National Review Online’s “The Corner” issue predictions for the year to come. At the end of the year, their predictions are...


Friends and Enemies

Jonathan sends me a cautionary note; but it is a “reminder” of something that I have never forgotten. I only mention this fascinating item as a reminder to those like myself and my friend...


Do We Want the Conservative Movement to Die?

My latest Jewish Week column (December 24) discusses the mounting troubles faced by the Conservative movement. I noted that Solomon Schechter schools, many of which are experiencing a declining enrollment and some have closed,...


Abe Foxman Rides Again

Abe Foxman is at it again. The publicity-seeking head of the Anti-Defamation League recently wrote to Israel’s Chief Rabbis urging them to condemn the phenomenon of yeshiva students in Jerusalem’s Old City attacking Christians....

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