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Friends and Enemies

Jonathan sends me a cautionary note; but it is a “reminder” of something that I have never forgotten. I only mention this fascinating item as a reminder to those like myself and my friend...


Do We Want the Conservative Movement to Die?

My latest Jewish Week column (December 24) discusses the mounting troubles faced by the Conservative movement. I noted that Solomon Schechter schools, many of which are experiencing a declining enrollment and some have closed,...


Abe Foxman Rides Again

Abe Foxman is at it again. The publicity-seeking head of the Anti-Defamation League recently wrote to Israelís Chief Rabbis urging them to condemn the phenomenon of yeshiva students in Jerusalemís Old City attacking Christians....


Vatican attacks Israel

NOTE: This was a mistranslation, as our blog helped publish. L’Osservatore Romano condemed the fighting Sri Lankans for not setting aside their differences to welcome Israeli help. One remarkable by-product of the horrendous disaster...


The Quality of Ideas

Greg (see Yaakov’s previous post) says: “Overall, this means a net increase in the quality of ideas and dialogue available, but I wonder how long before the censorship and stigmatization common to the traditional,...


Scary Thoughts

Greg, of the Presence blog, found us last week: Via Hirhurim comes Cross-Currents, a new blog featuring some heavyweight Orthodox Jews, in both the rabbinic and political spheres. Things are starting to get interesting....

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