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Praying for the Government

by N. Daniel Korobkin Recent criminal scandals within the Orthodox world have been devastating. How did we get to this point? To be sure, there are undoubtedly multiple factors that contributed to this new...


Wings and Prayers

There is a world of difference between Tevya’s celebration of “Tradition!” for tradition’s sake and the deep meanings that lie in the rites and rituals of Jewish religious life.


Nachamu, Nachamu Ami

As we turn to HKBH to be menachem us, it might be an appropriate time to reflect on our parallel responsibility. If you are impatient, skip the next paragraphs of reflection and take advantage...



A reader took me to task for referring to spitters and bodily-assaulters as “unspeakable primitives.” He saw the word primitive in the sense of old, pre-modern, and rightly argued that having derech eretz has...


A. Y. Karelitz M.D.

by Dovid Landesman I have an acquaintance in Los Angeles, a urologist who is also a well-respected talmid chacham. To establish his credentials let me say that he has completed three cycles as the...

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