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by Doron Beckerman A reaction to the recent Cross-Current debate, in verse. Meager meals, discarded peels, joy in truth discerned Grand ideals, delighted squeals, trashcans being burned A focused life, a scalpel knife, study,...


The Haredi Empire Strikes Back!

In the latest blow to the self-image of the mighty Tel-Avivian, a haredi contestant beat out his closest competitors to take top honors in the “Quiz of the State” sponsored by Arutz-2. Moshe Abu-Aziz,...


Irony or Hashgacha?

Without nevi’im, we never know with certainty how to react to and interpret “coincidences.” But HKBH does play His Hand more visibly at some times than others… This item is a few days old....


Rav Gedalia Anemer, zt”l

We must transmit the sad news that Rav Gedalia Anemer, Rav of Young Israel Shomrei Emunah of Silver Spring, MD for over half a century, passed away shortly before 8 AM this morning. The...


The Song Was True

“The Man From Vilna” (Abie Rottenberg; Journeys IV) moved people to tears. Many people assumed that it belonged to the genre of stories that Rabbi Berel Wein calls ones “that may not have happened,...


The Artificial Divide

Reform Judaism Blog: The commonly held view of the polarized division between Orthodox and non-Orthodox is in fact far from accurate. Those who become Orthodox are not being tricked — they are finding something they’ve been looking for.

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