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A “Prophecy” Sadly Fulfilled

Mindful of the Talmudic teaching that after the destruction of the First Holy Temple the only semblance of prophecy resides in children and fools, and well aware of my age, I should hesitate before...


Statistics, Lying Statistics, and Readers Digest

This post started out as an aside to an earlier discussion, concerning the chassid escorted off a Canadian plane because passengers became alarmed seeing him wrapped in his Talis. Frequent commenter Boruch Horowitz pointed...


Animal School

A short presentation every parent should watch, from Read the text here.


Redeeming Captives

The question of the hour is, is any price too high for pidyon shevuyim, redeeming captives? With rumors afoot (once again) of a deal for the return of Gilad Shalit, the IDF soldier whose...


Liberal Rabbis are no Fools

Reuven Lerner is a Web/Database consultant, PERL programmer, writer (for Linux Journal and O’Reilly), and resident of Modi’in, Israel. He is also the son of a Conservative Rabbi, graduate of a Schechter high school...

Two from The Weekly Standard

Two articles, both published Friday on The Weekly Standard’s web site, approach profoundly different issues with a surfeit of common sense. The first is called “High Profile: What American airport security can learn from...


Moved to Tears

Well, not literally — but when I read the following comment to an earlier post, I did think about it. The topic then was a Slate magazine article which covered Ismar Schorsch’s “parting shots”...


Relativism Knows No Bounds

Many readers may have missed the following news item, which, to my knowledge, appeared in the JTA Daily News Briefing but almost nowhere else: Close to 50 Reform youth leaders urged the movement to...


Media Manipulation and Blogs

In an article on Jewish World Review this morning, Caroline Glick discusses the latest possible media hoax — Israel’s “attack” on a Reuters camera crew. You can read the details there, but in brief,...

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