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Act of War

As if the barrage of Kassam rockets were not enough, Hamas operatives — in conjunction with other factions — conspired to dig a tunnel in order to attack soldiers at the PA-Israel border at...


Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee

The Torah contains many prohibitions against speaking derogatorily of others. When it comes to the laws of lashon hara – bad mouthing – even truth is not a defense, except in certainly narrowly defined...


Yisrael Valis: Shoe on the Other Foot

In a fascinating article in Ha’aretz, Uzi Benziman explains why “the state authorities… have acquired for themselves a shady reputation when it comes to their credibility.” Meanwhile, in the Jerusalem Post, the Mayor of...


Israel = Global Pollution?

It has just come to my attention that the Green Party has recently called for a boycott of the State of Israel. Here is the wording of the resolution: Green Party Resolution to Divest...


The “Jude”on the Yellow Star

When Israeli soldiers entered a barricaded room in Gush Katif, out marched a group of weeping children. Their hands were held up, and each one was wearing the yellow star with the word “jude”...

Jewish ingratitude

#1 I don’t know if Paul Krugman reads Cross-Currents or what, but that far-left NY Times writer had a column today seemingly in reply to my post of a few weeks ago.


Bush Won Florida in 2000

On August 5, I wrote, Myth has it that if the recount had been allowed to continue, Gore would have won. The NY Times and the Miami Herald (both of which endorsed Gore)...


Western Wall and Disengagement

6 b Menahem-Av, Thursday Below two topics: a very short one, and a very long one. a) LAKEWOOD: Haaretz Magazine Friday 29 b Tamuz (Aug.5) had a 4 –page feature on the Lakewood yeshiva...

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