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Luther Я (Not) Us!

A reader commented on my piece about waging war against an entire population because of the misdeeds of a few of them. His intention, it seems, was to support me. Look in last week’s...


The Media Gets it Right

The above cartoon makes me feel that Israel’s conduct against the terrorist government of the PA — and davka (specifically) Israel’s intransigence about negotiating for the release of Gilad Shalit, Gilad ben Aviva —...


Yisrael Valis: The Court Transcript

Unbelievable. We already know that the officer saw things that no medical examiner was able to see — e.g. not merely bite marks, but “pinch marks.” But the whole allegation that Valis confessed to...


Descent Into Presbyterian Hell

Before leaving for Birmingham, Alabama a week ago I mourned my fate, and told friends that I was about to descend into Presbyterian hell. I never did quite find it, though. Much of what...


Yisrael Valis: Shoe on the Other Foot

In a fascinating article in Ha’aretz, Uzi Benziman explains why “the state authorities… have acquired for themselves a shady reputation when it comes to their credibility.” Meanwhile, in the Jerusalem Post, the Mayor of...

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