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“Hitler Would be Proud”

Eugene Volokh wants to know if the cartoon below is anti-Semitic, or merely anti-Israel as the editors of the Sacramento News & Review say it was intended to be. My take? As Rabbi Adlerstein...


Going to Israel to Enlist

Daniel Taylor, a local teenager, has worked in our office over the past year — he graduated at 17. He’s one of these extremely bright, very tech-savvy teens; while here he learned PHP, CSS,...


The Blindness of our Leaders

When a shepherd grows angry with the flock, he blinds the eyes of the lead goat causing the flock to fall into a pit (Bava Kamma 52a and Rashi ad loc.). I cannot speak...


An Unacceptable Cease Fire Proposal

News reports claim that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is going to recommend that the cabinet accept the cease-fire to be voted upon by the UN Security Council tonight. If so, this is a betrayal...


Two Emissaries from Israel

Two visitors from Israel, both representing organizations not mentioned by Jonathan Rosenblum, knocked on my door last night. This is not because Rabbi Rosenblum neglected these organizations or did lousy research, but because the...


Looks Bad for Lieberman

It looks like Joe Lieberman will be defeated in the primary today. He’s fighting a political neophyte with a lot of money and one issue: opposition to the Iraq war. Democrats would like to...

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