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Hypocrisies, Imagined and Real

I hope my wife and kids don’t find out that I consider it kosher to force 16-year-old girls to work 20 hours a day.

In fact, I was shocked at myself for having said such a thing – or, at least, I would have been had I actually said it.


Real Money

The late senator Everett Dirksen of Illinois once famously said to Lyndon Johnson about the national debt: “A few billion here, a few billion there and before you know it, you’re talking real money…”...


Out with the New

Ben Stein had a nice piece in the New York Times last week. He concluded, “It is a myth that money determines who you are, and if you have gotten over that myth by...


Weapons, and Weapons

When one lacks any semblance of moral justification for one’s belligerence and lust to murder innocents, there is only benefit in having as many dead civilians as possible of one’s own to display in lieu of logic.


Yes, it’s anti-Semitism

by Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe CRITICIZING ISRAEL doesn’t make you anti-Semitic: If it’s been said once, it’s been said a thousand times. Yet somehow that message doesn’t seem to have reached the hundreds...


Uncle Bernie as Metaphor

Predictably, Bernie Madoff exerts an irresistible pull for columnists of all stripes – this one included. Since the scandal of history’s largest Ponzi scheme broke, he has become an all-purpose metaphor for virtually everything...


Moral Myopia and Journalistic Integrity

As we follow the current “conflict” in the Gaza Strip, it’s easy to discern who cares about the facts, who displays a genuine understanding for the realities of the situation, and who is only...


Sean Rayment is Addicted to Bigotry

The reason I call your attention to this article is not so that you can have a look at an anti-Semitic diatribe in the guise of a serious position about the current state of...


Reality Hits

We’ve already gone several rounds on how Bush, McCain and Obama stack up when it comes to Israel. Now that Olmert has finally decided that Kassam rockets raining on Sderot deserve a bit more...


The Time is Now

by Rabbi Pesach Lerner For me, the story began about 17 years ago. I sincerely hope and pray that it ends soon. I joined the National Council of Young Israel’s (NCYI) professional staff in...

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