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The Artificial Divide

Reform Judaism Blog: The commonly held view of the polarized division between Orthodox and non-Orthodox is in fact far from accurate. Those who become Orthodox are not being tricked — they are finding something they’ve been looking for.


On The Passing of Rabbi Menachem Porush

Agudath Israel of America Statement on the Passing of Rabbi Menachem Porush Rabbi Menachem Porush was a giant within the world of Agudath Israel and beyond. The contributions Rabbi Porush made to the growth...


Last Night I Saw the Mushroom Cloud

I dreamed I saw the mushroom cloud. It’s been absent from my dreams for so long, in spite of Ahmadinejad. The more he talks about eliminating us, the deeper my sleep. As a girl,...


Egged and the Wheels of Justice

29bShvat 5770 Laughter broke the tense atmosphere of the Israel Supreme Court session on Thursday Feb.4 (20bShvat) when both sides, those in favor of gender-separated seating on Mehadrin buses and those against, reacted with...


The Problem

Objective observers of the Middle East, though, should think long and hard about what happened in the wake of the mosque burning, and in the wake of Rabbi Chai’s murder.


The Wall is Wailing

The Kotel is a holy place, and should not be made a battlefield by advocates for social or religious change.


Selective History

Neither Christianity nor Islam, after all, even existed when the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem functioned for centuries as the focal point of the Jewish people.


The Right to Disrupt Your Prayers

Nofrat Frenkel made the news two weeks ago — by getting herself arrested. In violation of an Israeli court order, she took out a Torah scroll in the area of the Western Wall consecrated...

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