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A View From Afar

To name the Muslim country where she lives would compromise her security; the authorities there do not look favorably on citizens who communicate with Jews. Her husband is a Hindu and she, although born...


Our People Do Not Know the Truth about You

A first-person account, from the always-excellent IMRA News Service: Emek Hospital saves a Palestinian boy from Jenin On Thursday, June 3, 2010, 15 year old Muhammed Kalalwe … noticed a deadly viper snake and...


They Con the World

Especially for those familiar with “We are the World,” this is a must-watch video. This video was taken down by YouTube for a “Copyright Violation” after some 3 million views. Thanks to Ori for...


Rapper’s Sabbath

Despite having eclectic tastes in many things, I have no appreciation of urban music. And so I had never heard of Q-Tip (the person, that is; the object is familiar to me). He is...


Of Cartoons and Coldhearted Cowardice – Part 1

This week, the New York Times’ token center-right columnist, Ross Douthat, had an important piece on the contradictory notions of censorship in contemporary society. Reading it through Jewish lenses, though, one can see its...


Preaching to a Very Mixed Choir

What do you tell a gathering of clerics, when they give you about a minute, and others can be expected to offer some PC drivel? Speaking at the World Summit Of Religious Leaders Forum...


Last Words

To a believing Jew, every other Jew, no matter how ignorant or personally unobservant, is a relative – a member of Klal Yisrael, the Jewish Family.


Haiti and the Mind of G-d

I am not able to worship a G-d Whose ways are all crystal clear to me – attributed to the Kotzker Rebbe (1787-1859) The ways of G-d are hidden and mysterious; they have never...

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