Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Racism, Real and Perceived

We don’t have any racists in our community, right? Of course we do. And, as the political climate changes in the US, we’re going to pay a higher price for whatever racism does exist....


Discount to Readers

This is an exercise in unvarnished self-promotion. I don’t like doing it, but marketing is part of the deal with the publisher. My second volume on the Slonimer Rebbe’s zt”l Nesivos Shalom has just...


A Game-Changing Yom Kippur Sermon

Remarkable and courageous are the first words that come to mind in describing a recent Yom Kippur sermon at a tony Manhattan Conservative synagogue. The sermon did not dwell on what others have, in...


The Song That Stole Elul

Yishai Ribo’s evocation of the Avodah[1] of Yom Kippur stirs hearts and moves to tears. It has gone viral here in Israel; I’m told that the same is happening in the US. (One of...


Rav Nosson Kamenetsky, zt”l

It was with great sadness that the first bit of news to reach me after Shavuos here in Yerushalayim was the petirah of R. Nosson Kamenetsky zt”l. While some will remember him for the...

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